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Huøng Nguyen is a contemporary ready-to-wear label born out of a desire for true luxury and an elevated wardrobe of effortless, easy-to-wear pieces that women gravitate towards in the morning and pack first thing for their travels, making thrown together appear dressed up and dressed up feel everyday. The brand ethos is based on the idea that fashion is intellectual in a literal and realistic sense, rather than being abstract and extravagant, to propose a curated balance of conceptual and commercially viable designs. Evolving its signature DNA of voluminous silhouettes, unexpected details and emphasis on refined ease, each meticulously designed collection poetically captures the essence of everyday luxury and a well-travelled spirit influenced by the nostalgic beauty in the various nuances among cultures.

At the heart of Huøng Nguyen is a simple mission to fill the gap in the market for truly quality-driven products at prices that realistically reflect the design integrity, consideration and workmanship of these lifetime layers made with passion. Providing a platform to serve a greater purpose that extends beyond the realm of clothing, the brand embodies a social conscience to elevate the next generation of craftsmen and foster sustainable employment growth by working with local manufacturers, businesses and community-building initiatives, in the genuine hopes to alleviate poverty and provide equal opportunity in places that need it most, especially developing countries like Vietnam.

Implementing a slower pace and process, Huøng Nguyen embarks on a meaningful sartorial journey where things are made with care and detail, where tradition is more important than trend, where there is purpose to every piece. The brand caters to the growing conscious consumer who recognises luxury as more than just a name tag with a business model built on a conscious, circular and compassionate system to tackle overproduction and overconsumption, which are the main factors constituting today’s throwaway culture. Huøng Nguyen won The Suling Mead Fashion Market Award in 2018 for its commercial viability as a social enterprise with a clearly identified target market and the potential to be scaled up for a wider mass market.

Clothes to live in, for where you are and where you will be.

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