HoMingLI Jewellery

Grey Sheep


london / United Kingdom


coventry university

Graduation year


Ho-Ming Li was born in Hong Kong and now lives and works in London. Li creates bespoke handmade jewellery which draws inspirations from the Ancient Egyptian, Greek mythology, Surrealist artists to his very own personal artwork from sketches, drawings and paintings.

Concept, storytelling and humour are the DNA of his works and Li's work primarily consists or combines a range of materials, mainly those of silver, gold, semi-precious stones and resin. It is a trademark and creative style of Li to persistently make use of coloured materials cooperating with metal to create a strong visual impact.

Through his interest in the contrast of metal and plastic, Li combines the quality of handmade craft and industrial manufactured elements. His jewellery suggests an investigation into how materials can interact to create a fresh sense of playfulness. Li's work encourages one to marvel at the possibilities created when materials are put together and finishes in a new way. .

Mission: Create to Converse.

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