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CÉLINE MARIE, originally from Germany with French roots, is a passionate freelance lingerie designer with the dedication for perfection based in East London. Her recently founded label HERVÉ by Céline Marie is an interdisciplinary couture lingerie brand merging 3d technology and creative laser cutting with traditional handcrafting techniques. The mission of HERVÉ is to design lingerie worn to be seen for all women. Through our interdisciplinary approach we aim to also design for women who underwent breast surgery or naturally suffer from unevenly sized breasts to re-establish their confidence and empower their uniqueness. Our 3d technology aims to replace constrictive metal bra wires with a flexible supportive inner structure incorporated within, enabling to offer uniquely handcrafted and personalised lingerie. What differentiates the brand from a specialist mastectomy label is that HERVÉ does not classify women but makes all women feel included and united. The brand highly values an ethical material choice and production cycle. High-quality organic and sustainably produces textiles from certified local suppliers build the foundation of each collection. Locally handcrafted garments enable manufacturing close to the end consumer, taking in consideration luxurious packaging using recycled raw materials and re-defining luxury as ethical awareness.

After previous experience in clothes making, structured lingerie and corsetry, she is currently undertaking the undergraduate course BA (Hons) Fashion Contour at London College of Fashion and working for industry partners as part of the second year of studies. While being at university, she has regularly worked closely with industry professionals, as a studio assist, creative pattern cutter or styling assist. At the same time, she works as a freelance lingerie and fashion designer creating custom made show outfits but mainly focuses on bespoke lingerie and nightwear for private clients.

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