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Inspired by where the city meets the sea, Cat McCadden transforms oceanic forms into an extension of her modern and sophisticated style. Wearing a piece of GRACE GOW jewelry feels like you are truly entwined with the spirit of the place that inspired it¬¬¬—the beach. Sandy dunes of the East coast or rocky hardscapes of the Pacific Northwest coast provide the original forms for the rings, necklaces and earrings that contain captivating and intricate details.

The designer looked for a piece of jewelry during the summer that her daughter was born in 2010. She wanted to incorporate a special rough gemstone, but also express her own personal style. Unable to find anything unique, she decided to fabricate a barnacle ring with a four-prong setting and a delicate shank. Cat created the BARNACLE ring and the collection has grown from there, now including solid 18K gold KNUCKLE stud earrings, crab CLAW pendants and the dramatic OYSTER cuff.

“The feeling I strive to create for my customers is a ‘it’s summer somewhere’ sensibility, one that will make them feel both relaxed and dressed-up the moment they put on my jewelry, no matter what they’re wearing.”

Handmade in Seattle, GRACE GOW’s unisex fine jewelry and wedding rings in gold, rose gold, platinum, silver and bronze are available through and at select retailers. They are committed to eco-efficient choices and use recycled metals and ethically sourced gemstones whenever possible.

GRACE GOW is the name of the designer’s maternal grandmother. A Scottish émigré who called New York City home for over 60 years, Grace embodied intelligence, creativity and beauty in the eyes of many.

Cat McCadden received her BA in art history from SUNY Binghamton in upstate New York in 1997 and attended the Creative Circus in Atlanta, GA from 1999-2001 with a concentration on design and photography. As a visual artist and graphic designer, she saw ideas in line and form. Since 2007, Cat has maintained a metalsmithing + design studio in Seattle while continuing to training at Pratt Fine Art Center and North Seattle College.

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