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miami / united states


miami International University of Art & Design

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Giancarlo Gedler is fashion brand of strong style subtance; a brand of elegant tension and artful contradiction. A constant battle between bold power-dressing and femenine sculptural sophistication, a more cosmopolitan approach to evening wear, for something fashion-forward yet timeless, always wearable.

This Venezuelan-American luxury fashion label based in Miami, Giancarlo Gedler renewed for its elegantly modern shapes, architectural lines, a lot of attention for details and workmanship and for the use of fine materials.
its timeless.

His show room located in Downtown Miami, where you can appreciated a minimal, clean aesthetic pieces of his collections, letting the details take the attention.

Recently Giancarlo when to the Philippines to the Big Foot Entertainment Studios, as a designer to participate in the tv reality show Design Genius, season 4, London, by Fashion One Network, will be aired this coming September 2016.

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