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Gedler (GDLR) is a modern approach to the future of menswear, is high-quality avant-street wear. inspired by the street culture of an active life, hip hop and traveling. is a brand of elegant tension and artful contradiction capturing the cultural diversity of the city and translate it into fashion. positioning the band in between what's luxury and what is street.

the brand offer a limited edition quantity, releasing new pieces every 2-3 months, not having a defined season because we wan to wear clothes that are cool year long. this lifestyle brand GDLr started with a MONOCHROMATIC color story, where simplicity is the safest place to hide extravagance. where luxury doesn't have colour or sound.

This Venezuelan-American avant-street `fashion label based in Miami, Giancarlo Gedler renewed for its elegantly modern shapes, architectural lines, a lot of attention for details and workmanship and for the use of fine materials.

" i love minimalism, love black and white and love clean aesthetics. i'm looking to elevate the perspective of street wear, skate aesthetics for a citizen lifestyle, where luxury is monochromatic and the silence is precious"

Recently Giancarlo when to the Philippines to the Big Foot Entertainment Studios, as a designer to participate in the tv reality show Design Genius, season 4, London, by Fashion One Network. he is currently working as designer for his own label, consulting as digital content creation and styling for shows like dior, jean paul gaultier, gdrl, and miami fashion week.

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