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Gefferson Vila Nova enjoys the experience of giving a new life to material, reviving classic shapes and challenging manufacturing techniques, he combines bright colours and tech fabrics to create unique and remarkable collections. His aesthetic is grounded in the construction and reconstruction of identity. Gefferson Vila Nova's design talent has rapidly become known throughout Brazil where he launched his eponymous line with the idea of creating a new prêt-à-porter line in the Brazilian fashion market.
Gefferson was born in Buracica, a small village in Northeastern Brazil, the youngest son of a traditional small town family. He started sketching from the age of ten, after his mother presented him with art supplies and a notebook, then his world became a secret realm of silhouettes and colours. The somewhat rebellious and flamboyant Gefferson did not exactly fit in at the conservative school he attended and spent most of his youth watching fashion shows on TV, reading magazines and art books and improving his drawings skills. As soon as he was ready, he moved to Salvador where he could realise his dreams of becoming a fashion designer, the city he still lives in today. In 2005, Gefferson attended fashion school and began an internship with a local brand where he carefully learned about pattern making, drapery, fabric manipulation; obsessively learning all that he could about the fashion industry. In 2007, he was selected to present his first graduate collection at the Brasilia Capital Fashion Week Show and has also participated in fashion events in Sao Paulo such as “Casa de Criadores” Fashion Show and Hot Spot Fashion Show.
Gefferson enjoys manipulating technological and unusual raw materials. Cotton, polyamide and even leather are fabrics incorporated in his design, combined with an emphasis on cut, creating fresh forms and silhouettes. Gefferson’s collection represents young Brazilian culture through his non-traditional design approach and sports luxe aesthetic references. In 2014 Gefferson Vila Nova landed his first stockist — the innovative concept store Choix in São Paulo Brazil, which also stocks international names like Comme des Garcons, along side up and coming Brazilian designers.

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