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Simple, genuine, fresh and cool. These are the characteristics of the Gabo Szerencses brand. Under her own label Gabo collections include casual and evening dresses, leather bags and different type of leather accessories for contemporary women. She creates mainly ready to wear and made to order items mainly for women but, lately for men as well.
Gabo uses high quality materials only, one of her favourite is fine leather.
Her clothes are well-cut with timeless character, but always with a twist. Gabo's clothes are easily fit into any wardrobe, thanks to the classic patterns and her attention to detail. The label is dedicated to women with attitude, who are not to afraid of being different, want to be feminine, stylish and unconventional day by day.
Gabo Szerencsés has studied fashion design both in Barcelona and Budapest where she attended the prestigious Moholy-Nagy Művészeti Egyetem.

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