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Founded their label in 2005 in Tel Aviv, the couple Helena Blaunstein and Philip Blau immediately established themselves as avant gard artists. Each collection is surprising and is loyal to the brand's philosophy- create a high valued fashion with a unique atmosphere and a deep and optimistic view on life, and which opt to bring joy to your life. Since the couple discovered the German meaning of their brand's name, they follow its spirit in their designs.
Typified by vibrant colors and fitted, feminine shapes, Frau Blau clothes have a vintage edge paired with a decidedly 21st-century playfulness
Indeed, Frau Blau walks a fine line between clothing and costume. The difference, Blau says, is that which lies between a smile and a guffaw. "It has to be witty, even ironic. Our work is sophisticated and current, and the fun derives from that. For example, we've launched socks printed with classic oxford shoes and socks. The laces are overly long, but it's still a real thing that, at the same time, can't be real."
The idea behind the Frau Brau label is quality fashion with a humorous twist and an escape from the ordinary. Helena and Philip's vision stems from their decision to enjoy the creative process in all its stages, their fabulously positive world view, and desire to inject happiness and beauty into everyone's life.

Frau Blau's keyhole logo represents a peek into a mad, magical world of modern art and design, unconventional realities, rich and brimming over with joy.

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