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Eniola Kushimo is a fashion graduate from Heriot watt university awarded with a Bachelors degree in art of fashion, she had always had a passion for fashion at a very tender age, though while she was young she loved fixing gadgets and taking apart gadget to see what they there made of, she still loved modelling and playing catwalk and dress up as a child. Eniola is a very passionate, artistic,independent, and optimistic, young lady, who believes in investing your time, faith and energy in your passion and what you believe in.

She is the first child amongst four girls, living in an all girls house one would have presumed Eniola for a girlie person yet she is rather the opposite as a tomboy and lover of all things tech her parents thought she would have loved to be an Electrical or Petroleum Engineer. While Eniola enrolled for senior secondary school she attended the Technical science class which she did a year of she loved and enjoyed the technical drawing course but struggled with some of the science course especially physics. Eniola's parents could not quite understand why she wasn't passing the course, there and then she told them about her dream course and they supported her and her still supporting her through every step of her journey.

Eniola's dream is to become an international fashion designer and invest greatly in the fashion world, she believes in changing the world through fashion thereby she has acquired the fundamental skills required in the industry, she has also worked with a fashion designer Salamander stile in London where she worked as a fashion studio design assistant for a couple of month while she was in uni. Eniola has also worked as a care worker which has improved her communication skills with people.

Her plans as a fashion designer is to understand each path within the fashion industry, She has enrolled for her masters in fashion retail and luxury management course, she aims at understanding the business sector of fashion. Eniola is returning to her roots to work within the African fashion industry to learn and understand how the industry operates in Africa before she returns for her masters.

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