Elisabeth Leenknegt

Grey Sheep


Ronse / belgium


Ghent university

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Elisabeth Leenknegt designates herself silversmith, designer and glass artist in heart and soul. She comes from a family of passionate glass artists. Following that tradition, she and her crafts(wo)men make and design jewellery out of hand forged silver and mouth-blown glass. Ever since she started her own label Elisa Lee in 2003, things went amazingly fast. She’s been selected for exhibitions such as Interieur 08 in Kortrijk, and has won several prices such as ‘best craftswoman of the year’. In 2011, she decided to design high end jewels under her own name Elisabeth Leenknegt, next to the Elisa Lee collection.
Her diversity in taste is reflected by the choise for two different brands. Elisa Lee stands for colourful and playful design in which humour and quality are the main ingredients. The Elisabeth Leenknegt jewellery on the other hand stands for more subtle and pure design, and only releases high end collections. Elisabeth enjoys the way in which this makes her reach a broad and diverse audience without losing her own differentiation in taste.
All of her jewels are handmade in Belgium and therefore labelled as HIB. She works with the best quality of sterling silver, fairtrade gold and glass. She has over 30 high segment selling points in Belgium and her own Ghent based flagship store.
Most of all, Elisabeth loves to experiment and discover new possibilities in old techniques. In her experience, this is what designing and craftmanship today is all about. Want to find out more? Please visit her on www.elisa-lee.be.

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