KEA: Copenhagen School Of Design & Technology

Copenhagen School of Design and Technology is an Academy of Higher Education which offers over 30 different educational programmes at Bachelor degree and Academy Professional degree levels. As a student you have an interest in doing well in your study. KEA shares this interest, and for this reason the Management Board has adopted a strategy and defined a number of values for KEA. We are established as an international educational institution with many exchanges both to and from KEA by both students and teachers. This gives you a wealth of international contacts that are crucial in a globalized marketplace.

In close cooperation with the business community and educational institutions, KEA aims to develop and deepen business-related programmes at a high academic and practice-oriented level. This is done to accommodate the need for a qualified labour force in a globally- oriented labour market.


Courses Overview: Undergraduate 

Academy Profession Degree in Design, Technology and Business
Academy Profession Degree in Multimedia Design and Communication
Top Up Bachelor Degree in Design and Business
Bachelor in Jewellery, Technology and Business

Life in Copenhagen

Low crime rate, high quality education system, publicly funded health care, low levels of unemployment and social equality are some of the qualities of Copenhagen. The city council provides high quality bicycle paths separated from other traffic, so 36% of all trips are made on bicycle. Copenhagen is also known as a ‘walking-friendly’ city. The Global Peace Index rates Denmark as one of the world’s most peaceful countries and  Transparency International named Denmark the World’s Least Corrupt Country in 2011. Danish higher education features innovative teaching methods and an informal learning environment. You can learn more about life in Copenhagen by reading through the information on this link.


Tuition and Scholarship Information

KEA receives a limited number of government scholarships each year to fund highly qualified full-degree students from non-EU/EEA countries and Switzerland. For further information and to learn how to apply click here. For more information on tuition fees for the different course types click here.

Nike meets KEA Collaboration Film

KEA x MOTTAINAI Collaboration Film