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Instituto Italiano della Moda

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D O R E A P A L A N is a Berlin-based fashion label created by Andrea Bonfini and Paola Kubes. After working together in Rome at an international fashion brand’s design department, and later on making working experience around Europe, they met again in Berlin and decided to combine their taste for fashion and art in the concept of D O R E A P A L A N.
The label creates an "art to wear" trend within an exclusive brand of clothing. Following this purpose these original artworks have been designed and elaborated in a mixed collage technique and printed all over the garment, leaving the body wrapped in the artwork by what is actually a placed print. The images designed for D O R E A P A L A N contain hidden meanings depending on the interpretation of each graphic and the collection theme, making thus D O R E A P A L A N's style a unique print: colourful brushwork mixed with black and white optical scenarios, lettering and language resources, repeated and reflective images that are similar - not identical - as a clear human touch in every graphic is the DNA of
D O R E A P A L A N, and it is a clear statement of its style.
D O R E A P A L A N’ s SS 2014 collection, ‘Arcane’ is an elaborate graphic reinterpretation of the major arcanes of the ‘Tarot de Marseille’.
Imperfect symmetries, that play with the profile of the body rendering it a three-dimensional canvas. Fresh contrasts of colours, combinations of shiny and opaque, surreal illustrations, combined with the viscose’s shiny, almost metallic shadows and the brilliant quality of the digital print made in Como, Italy, are the characteristics of this collection.

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