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Driven by our passion for vintage textiles, Japanese culture, and design, we aim to create exquisite pieces of garments and accessories by transforming traditional textiles into signature pieces for the modern lifestyle.

In the age of fast fashion and mass produced goods, we pride ourselves on creating limited one-of-a-kind pieces. By combining traditional textiles with classic fabrics, we are re-purposing an otherwise disused fabric into contemporary products that aim to highlight their quality and beauty, breathing a new life and a renewed purpose to them.

Due to the scarce and limited nature of the vintage textile, each item is only produced once based on the availability of the textile in our inventory. This allows us to offer our customers a truly unique item that they can call their own. All products are designed and made locally by our seamstress who shares with us the same passion and vision. This is only possible through the close and collaborative relationship between our designers and seamstress here in our base of Singapore.

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