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new york
united states
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parsons the new school of design , new york city
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united states
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Collection – R4SP

R4SP is an abbreviation of the collection's title "Requiem for Self-Pity." This collaborative collection [ REQUIEM 4 SELF-PITY ] started out from the basic idea of self encouragement based on thinking about how many hating words we live with in this society and how it actually brings negative impact on individuals, which can lead to self hate. As much as the two designers (NANNERWAVE by Hye Seon Jeon and JOOWONYU by Joo Won Yu) believe in the power of words, they decided to put them out there for a better usage. Just like the title itself, it literally means a funeral for self-pity / self-hate. All the letters on garments are reflected, so that only the wearer can read it in the right way when they are looking themselves in the mirror.

Fashion Films

Hye Seon Jeon is a Menswear Fashion Designer. Although her interest in drawing and painting was her initial motivation to get an education in art, she enrolled Parsons The New School BFA program for majoring Fashion Design in 2013. A common theme across her whole collections are focused on utility and message. Hye Seon believes in the functionality of clothing, which often represented by choices in materials or shapes. Indeed, she also has a faith in her mission for spreading ‘positive influence,’ which explains the brand name ‘Nannerwave.’ Nannerwave is a combined words of the designer’s nickname ‘Nanner/Nance’ and term ‘wave’ stands for a cultural influence or a trend. Because of her religious conviction and life philosophy, she has been trying to provide a message of ‘hope’ through her clothing.