White Sheep




Graduation year


Demetra aspires to create a new monster in fashion, one that does not exploit the use of animals. A fierce ethical approach that does not diminish vision, innovation or style. Demetra is a mystic rather than a rationalist. She believes that her irrational thoughts lead to new experience. Her deranged ideas are carried through with observation and experimentation, which turn into physical concepts and prototypes. For each piece that becomes physically successful there are many variations that do not. She feels as though the design is unsuccessful if it fails to alter the perceptions of the viewers. The aesthetic is supposed to be awkward and unsettling. No plans no order. It is unstable, chaotic ... something random not planned or expected. That's why Demetra's thoughts are so deranged they are mere emotional reactions to the mixed signals she receives from the world. She sees and feels beauty through the lens of life. From the highest peaks to the deepest depths of the soul. Demetra wishes to leave her mark in the fashion world, a mark of compassion, honesty and truth.
She is locked in a perpetual yin and yang embracing and representing numerous human dichotomies :order and chaos, meaning and absurdity, the light and shadow. The shadow is essential for a truly balanced psyche, humbling loftier fantasies with a dose of brutal reality and for puncturing our sense of illusory superiority when it gets out of hand. For every force there is an equal and opposite reaction. The two share a lifeline link.