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Degenerotika. A fashion label that arose as a side project in line of creative outbursts of artist duet Thea Adora Bauer and Jasa Gladez in the beginnings of 00' and in the following decade rising to become their most recognizable and poignant art of expression. Originally from Slovenia, the designers for the last years reside in Berlin, Germany, where they groom Degenerotika as the prime label of their business company House of Adora fashion design. Degenerotika was portrayed countless times in most of the Slovenian fashion and art magazines and made it's appearance on most of the highly prized fashion venues in Slovenia. Operating in Berlin, it is part of influential annual fashion venues such as Berlin Fashion Week and might also be spotted in alternative waters and fires of Berlin's in-famous underground scene. It is rumored that it also caught the eye of several world renowned opinion leaders...
Although inspired by many origins from the past, above all surrealism, Dada and also numerous styles in fashion that pursued extravagant expressions, Degenerotika is definitely an cutting edge fashion item. Through transformations, deviations and mutations of the old and with a distinguishable sense for future trends the Degenerotika style could be described as a pandemonium of Androgyny, Decadence, Grotesque, Black aesthetic, High Contrasts, Asymmetry, Industry, which culminate in a fine tuned play of erotica and perfected concept of beauty on one side and a violent urge for breaking rules and established conventions on the other. Degenerotika demands of it's consumers to be rigorously individual, relentlessly attractive, with a strong and obstinate mentality. Degenerotika is violent, fatal and uncompromising.

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