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zagreb / croatia


Arhitektonski Fakultet - Studij dizajna

Graduation year


CLOX is a brand created by Mia Marić - the founder and creative director of the CLOX brand. CLOX is a time themed accessories brand known for its patented stilettos with fully functional, custom made clocks. It’s a brand searching for all aspects of time, criticising and playing with it. In its first collections CLOX was telling stories about circles of time — one day, one year, one lifetime, always asking one question: do we make repetitive circles day after day, like legs on the clocks, or are we moving forward? Clocks on the shoes emphasize movement — we are chasing time, all the time. Clox company is established in 2012. and offers innovative accessories. Clox shoes are produced in Croatian and Italian factories, made of premium Italian leather and the highest quality leather soles. The clocks are custom made in the form of the Clox logo, fitted with batteries and showing real time. CLOX main advantages: 1) Clox is a first brand of stilettos with working clocks. 2) Clox idea is patented. 3) Clox has great differentiation (because of the clocks on the shoes). 4) Clox has premium round packaging. 5) Clox is accessories brand that will always question time and play with it (unique brand story).

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