Carlijn Veurink

Grey Sheep


amsterdam / The Netherlands


artez university of art and design arnhem

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The Netherlands

Carlijn Veurink is a fashion label with a special eye for the construction of a garment. She creates both avantgarde costumes and wearable clothing. Each piece perceived as a wearable invention.

With her costumes she blends fashion together with aspects of dance, theatre, music and spoken word. This results in autonomous and sculptural garments with a performative character. These garments move, stratify and transform while wearing them.

Her wearable pieces are launched in volumes. Each with their own design principles & construction but all with the same close attention to detail. This is a way more sustainable approach to fashion since it’s not at all seasonal. Each volume has their own character but together they tell the same story. This way each volume stays relevant in this library of shapes and constructions.

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