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Hello we are brix+bailey. Sister in london, brother in new york.

we design ethically created bags in safe working conditions COMBINING THE WIT OF LONDON WITH THE CHARM OF NEW YORK

You might have only just found Brix + Bailey - but if you want to know more about this elegant and playful bag and accessory brand, then here are a few things that might interest you.

The contemporary bag and accessory brand Brix + Bailey is the brainchild of a transatlantic sibling design duo. There’s Brix [sister] whose aesthetic was forged in London, and Bailey [brother] who leans more towards the influences of New York. Both are viewed as bag and accessory designers, artists, and illustrators.

Brix is based in her London studio, filled with wild and wonderful trinkets and finds that have been collected over the years. The wall are adorned with wonderful papers featuring animal heads, framed animals who appear to have sat patiently for their photo opportunity, and there are from up-and-coming designers she supports. Pop over to the Brix + Bailey Blog for more details of her favoruite brands and designers.

Bailey on the other hand favours life in New York where he honed his talents. His attention to detail, along with a cultivated respect for craftsmanshio and quality is evident across the brands collections. He regularly travels around the world resulting in many of his inspriations appearing in the brands portfolio.

Together, they established two fashion stores in London in the early 2000s, before realising creating the ultimate seasonless bags and accessories for men and women, with a touch of hidden magic in the form of their illustrations were what really made their hearts beat faster. They has developed a love for all things bags, leather and accessories!

Discerning customers around the world were charmed by their hidden details ( think magical hand-drawn illustrations of insects, clothes wearing creatures and a bold approach to colour ) coupled with an unerring eye for detail and a knack with whimsy and wit- and the rest is history.

...Designed without the obsession of being contemporary...

Influenced by their upbringing in a family in love with fashion, working with premium Italian leather, and giving free rein to their imagination, they launched the first charming Brix + Bailey bags and accessory collection in 2014 containing totes, clutches and evening bags —followed by a collaboration at London Fashion Week, a feature in Vogue and entering the wonderful world of brand licensing collaborating with TSBA Group to produce licensed products [ homeware, clothing, bags and accessories ] under the Brix + Bailey brand.

...Each season is diverse yet distinctly Brix + Bailey with creativity, charm and wit ever present...

Rumour has it that a new premium watch line designed together as a family is in work. Watch this space…

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