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Buenos Aires University

Bendeyan is a fashion house based in Buenos Aires, founded by Bendeyan's brothers Matias and Melina in 2017. Both are graduated from Buenos Aires University, completing their studies on Central Saint Martins, Tel Aviv University and Holon Institute of Technology. After they have worked on argentinian and israeli brands they decided to launch their own brand. The brand takes its inspiration on contemporary art, music, industrial design and contemporary cultural habits. The brand proposes three lines:
01 atelier (high couture)
02 contemporary (ready to wear)
03 atemporal (unisex essentials)
The first line is more experimental using hand embroidery and hand details as a technique. The second one, has some elements from the first one applied to ready to wear. Finally, the third one is a nonfashion line, which proposes a vacum pack of 3 pima t shirt, unisex and one size, which has the idea of timeless.

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