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saint-petersburg / russia


Institute of Design and Decorative Applied Arts

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Hello! My name is Nastya, I create beautiful clothes, filling them with all my love and skill.

I have small homemade manufacture and work together with two professional seamstresses with great experience in sewing.

The ideology of ASKA brand "Clothes as a work of art" - a new way of self-expression, reflection of the inner world in the outer. " Author's prints, embroidery and other handmade elements in combination with original details of cut and feminine silhouettes create exclusive product. We believe that fashion begins when a person and clothes that he wears, create an image akin to a work of art!
In the making of collections ASKA team adheres to one main rule: clothes should bring aesthetic and kinesthetic pleasure, so all the outfits are made of quality, pleasant to the body materials, whether synthetic or natural fabric.
A distinctive feature of the brand's outfits is in use of works of classic and contemporary arts as a key element of personification. Since its foundation ASKA collaborates with domestic and foreign artists in different forms of art.

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