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ARBO is a ready-to-wear menswear brand, launched in Paris in 2018.

After a degree in Graphic Design at Duperré Applied Arts School, Chloé Pariente decided to realize her dream : create her own brand of clothes.
At 20, she launched ARBO, completely self-taught.

ARBO was born on an intuition.

ARBO tries to open menswear to wider horizons, with the perspective of offering a wardrobe for men as diversified as women's. Not only trousers and jackets, but also dresses for men.

ARBO it's a big collar coat, a belt's detail, an elegant silhouette.

The ARBO man is sexy, confident and free.

Most of the fabrics are from Couture Houses, which is enable the brand to guarantee quality fabrics, but also to give a second life to sleepy textiles stocks.

All the collections are designed in Paris, at the ARBO's atelier.

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