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After being Gareth Pugh's disciple in London, Andra Handaric just launched first pret-a-porter collection "ISIHIA-A Manifesto for the spirit", challenging the audience to a moment of inner contemplation in a performance-show put on stage as a purifying ritual during a live semantron performance .
The collection features unisex all black multi-layered outfits starting from the concept of outer covering and inner disclosure. Andra indulged her inclination towards spiritual beauty when developing dark astrakhan-like hand-made textures, which she names "austere couture".
The emphasis on surface detail and juxtaposing of various textures aim to emphasize the spiritual richness that exists in a stark, monastic environment.
The human face is charged with cult value and it becomes the only mean of communication between a person and it’s surroundings. The cloth becomes a shelter, a protective layer under which mystery regains value in an era dominated by imagery, in which "Everything is turned inside-out, revealed, naked, stripped and exposed.” (Byung-Chul Han)
Andra graduated a BA in Fashion Design from the Westminster University London, after winning a three years scholarship in the Creative Competition organised by IED Barcelona.
Her graduate collection ARGAT, with Romanian folklore reminiscences, became a finalist in the ModaFad T_Project Awards and presented during 080 Barcelona.
With previous studies at Ecole Superieure d'Art et Design Saint Etienne-France , the designer is constantly exploring the boundaries between art and fashion, being inspired by contemporary art and Eastern European customs and traditions.
The freshly launched brand is based on the "black clothes, white souls" philosophy, challenging to self-awareness while being a constant reminder of modesty with its edgy, effortless, mature approach.

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