Julia Kaja Hrovat

Black Sheep


ljubljana / slovenia


academy of design ljubljana

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I consider it my excellent fortunate to have been born in Canada, raised in Europe and having had the privilege of frequent visits to North America over the years. Julia Kaja Hrovat is my name and throughout my life I have been balancing two different cultures in search of identity personally as well as generally. On completion and obtaining my high school diploma in Graphic design I chose to continue my studies in the field of Fashion design at the Academy of Design in Ljubljana with a one year exchange program at the prestigious university in Istanbul - Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. Throughout my studies I have been interested in developing an ongoing search into the concept of identity. In addition to the exchange program in Istanbul I completed two internships, the first one in Stockholm at Minna Palmquist and second in Antwerp at Christian Wijnants. In December 2014 I completed my work for my BA degree - the subject of my diploma was based on design identity building an aesthetic base for my designs, The process consisted in combining contrasting materials and textures, designing prints transposed on my fabric choices to make clean silhouettes where my knowledge and solid background of graphic design were invaluable. The final results were garments for all women, must have pieces to be included in her wardrobe. IN APRIL 2019 GRADUATED WITH A Master degree in Fashion design at the Faculty of natural sciences and engineering.

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