Iga Węglińska

Grey Sheep


krakow / poland


academy of Fine Arts Krakow

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Iga Węglińska works in the fields of fashion and industrial design. She regards clothing as a sculpture, which is carried by the human body. Her designs process is focused on form, as well, as the emotions that are evoked when wearing it
She believes in intellectual fashion, fashion as an art, and fashion that gives a wearer a feeling of singularity. Her works have been presented in museums and various exhibitions in Europe, Asia and USA.

Her regular clothes line is designed in harmony with the idea of slow fashion — always made from the best quality fabrics in keeping the highest standards of craftmanship and great construction. Those clothes are created to last you for seasons. They are designed and manufactured in small quantities in her studio in Krakow, Poland

Iga believes that designers are the kind of people who have the opportunity to sensitize others to new aesthetics, new forms, new interpretations. Through her projects she is trying to take advantage of this possibility.

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