eVe By Eva Remenyi

Grey Sheep




Handicraft Technical College of Budapest

Graduation year


Éva Reményi, jewelry designer and former economist, made herself familiar with the basics of the goldsmith’s art in the open goldsmith workshop lead by her nameshake Katalin Reményi, who is also a goldsmith herself. She then attended a 2-year-goldsmith course at the Handicraft Technical College of Budapest.

Her caracteristic jewels represent the marks of a minimal design, which come to life both with geometrical shape conception and by the use of natural elements. One can find a kind of rhytmical repetition on the imposing jewels, which became the determinant stylistic mark of the brand.

Her jewels are designed for the courageous women, who aren’t satisfied with mediocrity. The ones, who are not afraid to break out from the usual and habitual limits, who are fastidious about their appareance and prefer individuality in their every day life as well.

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