United Kingdom
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estonian academy of arts
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united kingdom
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Collection – Techlander

Collection Techlander
Yufash Techlander collection is inspired by futuristic shapes and monochrome crisp colours, designer developed zero waste production method received nomination from A Design Award and invite to CAAFD screening for the Official NYFW September 2018. Waste free constructed wool garments are not only sustainable but also light sensitive.

As a fashion designer I prioritise functionality and relevance to current society. I believe in today's world where production and usage has clearly passed the actual demand, we can no longer approach it the way we did 5 years ago. Main concern for me is the way we systematically produce waste, especially in major cities and metropolis. I believe today sustainability and smart design/product should be a must and no longer maybe in design and production process. For the last 11 months I have been working meticulously on developing smart and sustainable production method for garments, which starts from designing the fabric until it has been made into final product. As fast fashion and speedy turnarounds are now slowly even moving to luxury fashion, makes this already most polluting industry, almost impossible to reform. I believe the amounts of textile waste it produces should be tackled already in production. I don't think we can change the consumers mind as fast as we would like, and for majority of consumers it might still take years before they realise the reality of this problem. Therefore I have developed method that produces garments 'waste free' and only according to demand. In addition it features integrated reflector yarns which acts as a safety in dark. I have used ecologically sourced wool and cotton as main material with integrated reflective yarns.

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Kadri Klampe is the founder of Yufash. The Estonian-born designer conveys her individual and elegant sense of style through her experimental approach to themes and materials. She takes extreme opposites, like nature and the urban environment, or fire and ice, and finds a way for them to co-exist, uniting them to create truly remarkable and unusual pieces. She uses her unique flair for mixing such themes and materials to create collections that are both innovative, timeless and sustainable. Yufash is a contemporary luxury-clothing brand for women who are confident, sophisticated, and rebellious when it comes to fashion. A Yufash woman doesn’t follow trends; she sets them. She has a strong sense of identity and a clear vision for her particular look. Yufash women are hard to pinpoint because they’re unique individuals with their own style. They like original fabrics, bold embellishments, and quirky details. They’re women who want to be able to explore their creativity freely and passionately. Yufash support local manufacturing therefore all garments are handmade in England. Her ambition with Yufash is to make high-end fashion not only more affordable for the individual, but also more personal.