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Institute of Business and Design in Moscow
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Collection – Creative1

# Creative1 is the name of the collection and the story that absolutely every girl is talented and can change the world with the help of art! We all often complain about the lack of time for our hobbies, and sometimes we have to overcome laziness. Perhaps these romantic blouses, wide trousers and a turtleneck with long sleeves as if stretched are just what you need for a creative impulse?
The source of inspiration became portraits, images of artists, in particular Claude Monet.

Fashion Films

TRU.M - a brand of women's clothing, founded in September 2016 by a young Moscow designer Maria Trunina. Love for the creation of clothes was manifested in childhood, but, on the advice of parents, the first education became economic. The choice of the university played a big role, it was the Moscow State Textile University - a strange place to study accounting, but the classes on materials science, which are mandatory for all specialties, have become one of her favorites. Just six months after receiving the diploma, Maria again became a student, but already the Institute of Business and Design and the coveted program Costume Design. In the daytime - work as an accountant, in the evening - classes, and so 2 years. Then there was a debut collection and a show in the walls of the Institute, after which she firmly decided to change her profession, but to abandon the post of chief accountant and move to a completely new sphere is very difficult. The decision was unusual - to start a new life in Berlin and continue education at the Berlin University of Arts. German language was subdued in 7 months, behind there were 2 stages of selection, but the final interview in Berlin was not passed. The beginning of a new life can be this way. Maria decided not to return to her previous work, but to begin to follow her vocation. Brand TRU.M produces capsule collections of women's clothing, sources of inspiration for which are geometric shapes, natural shapes and architecture. Things TRU.M have a unique design and complex cut, are made of natural fabrics and high-quality accessories. The girl TRU.M likes to attract attention to herself and wherever she comes - to work or to a party - she will not go unnoticed anywhere.