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the royal danish academi of arts- the school of design
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Collection – Apical Reform

The SS17 collection is inspired by the Indian design lab: “Apical Reform”.

Their astonishing studio building, consisting of layers and lines, has been the main inspiration. Focusing on wavy details and contrasts, the process of
developing this collection has been playful and experimental.

This season’s print, named “planet print”, has been created by associating
Apical Studio’s look with a spacy universe. The sculptural building looks like a giant spaceship, which inspired me to make planet looking objects.

The SS17 collection is created to all shapes and ages. The styles are classical with a twist, which is our all time motto. It has been a blast working with new exciting textiles, where one has been especially woven for RWD.

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Rosa Winther Denison

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RWD was founded in 2014, by designer Rosa Winther Denison. Early in 2014, she decided to go solo and relaunch RosaBryndis with a new brand name created from her own initials. The designer is inspired by the world's most interesting architects and by interpreting their aesthetic expression she strives to create a synergy between a domain of slid structures and supple materials. Through her experimental and intuitive design process, Rosa aims to create collections that satisfy the multiple needs of modern women. Raw materials are rigorously evaluated and chosen carefully by the designer, with a strong focus on quality and diversity. The collections are distinctive and classical, yet slightly askew. Rosa wishes to integrate a strong and sophisticated expression, with that little extra twist that makes the individual garments stand out. Rosa hand knits all the accessories herself and hopes that slow fashion and high quality designs, will eventually challenge the storming fast high-street fashion culture. "RosaBryndis has been a fascinating journey and I have enjoyed every bit of developing a company from scratch. I am proud to continue the exciting experience with my new brand RWD, where I can combine my personal fashion preferences with a tight and streamlined expression. My visions for RWD has been to create a classical and exclusive brand with a continuance in the Scandinavian tone and an implementation of a slightly dreamy and girly touch. I wish for RWD to appeal to style conscious women, who appreciate well made products with a unique touch." At RWD we care about our planet as well as the citizens who inhabit it. We wish to spread the belief in a more sustainable planet, especially inside the realm of clothing manufacturing. Corporate Social Responsibility is an integrated part of the business philosophy, adhering to the international standards regarding human rights, quality security and environmental protection, is a high priority for RWD.