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Collection – 'Diffraction' - Spring/Summer'18

'Diffraction' is all about the play of light when it interacts with different media, opaque, transparent or translucent. The bending of light with geometrical shape creating various effects has been moulded into creating this collection The structured texture interacting with light at different angles can be seen in silhouettes. Also the color depth along with architectural detailing has created magical outputs in fabric. The silhouettes are easy and fun while keeping the wearer sharp and edgy.
Nuramino translates to 'reassure' in lithuanian language and we try to keep this promise of reassurance by providing best quality and services to our customers. Nuramino is a premium designer wear brand with a sustainable approach towards fashion. The idea behind this brand is to bring the essential human connect with the surroundings. We inspire from our very environment and surroundings to create beautiful designs. We are trying to make impact on society and environment while keeping pace with trends to bring a more inclusive culture of sustainability. Our designs follow the harmony of nature and human interaction giving rise to silhouettes that are edgy and dramatic. One of the major source of inspiration for Sachin, founder of the label, has always been an interest in architecture. The love for structure has become a signature style in our collections. The use of fabric manipulation to bring texture and fine cuts for edgy looks and the use of drapes for the sculpted styles, an art form translated from baroque period remain an expertise.