Laura Ironside

United Kingdom
University / School:
duncan of jordanstone college of art and design
Production Location:
England/United Kingdom
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Collection – EDIT-01

Named Edit-01, the first capsule collection is an introduction. The following edits will then build on the previous design, knowledge and feedback.  The intention being that a collection does not then become obsolete after one season. Using traditional pattern cutting and draping, the designs merge the feminine shapes of the 1930s with the personality of modern women’s style. This capsule collection intends to give feminine elegance a strength and contemporary edge.
Laura Ironside is a womenswear designer whose aim is to create beautiful garments to a high standard through sensitive and sustainable manufacturing. Her focus is on slowing down the fast fashion cycle and encouraging a more conscious consumption. Each individual piece has taken considerable time and attention to develop and refine. Taking inspiration from women, the woman’s body, her strength and vulnerability, each garment is thoughtfully designed on the body to sculpt and elegantly flatter the female form.