Giuditta Tanzi

University / School:
naba - nuova accademia di belle arti, milano
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Collection – GARBAGE CORE

Garbage Core is a collection of six looks, entirely made out of second-hand clothes.
The project born from a specific interest in urban waste, in particular, by not looking at them as if they were a tra- gically inevitable human-generated product, but on the contrary as if they were the main characters of un untold story of things and of the people once bonded to them: a marginal diary that tells daily-life remains.
Everything starts with a question: which evocative power do waste have and why are they used as an expressive (creative) mean. 
In order to answer this question, in a first moment the research started on Instagram by studying those accounts of which precise aesthetics is based on abandoned waste.
In a second moment by switching from social media to contemporary art, drawing inspiration from artists that use waste - renamed as ‘found objects’ - as an expressive (creative) mean: waste is brought out-of-context and integrated as part of the artwork. 

The project developed a wide materials’ research by looking for dismissed clothes in street markets, second hand shops, but also among several wardrobes of friends and family. Once found, clothes are first deconstructed and secondly paired into new creations/pieces. 
The idea of the collection is to give a second birth to old clothes, but most importantly to keep their souls (and consequently those of the people that worn them before) intact.
Every cloth has scratches, spots, holes that, being evidences of a precedent life, represents the essence/core of the cloth itself. 
Giuditta does not like to call herself Fashion Designer, in fact she just likes to develop her everyday ideas. She's based in Milan but her mind live everywhere. She's constantly inspired by everything that happens to her and that she has around with a strong passion for art and graphic design. She is a curious person, curious about everything. She like to dig up and study thoroughly the things she's attracted to, She hate appearances and love to find herself inside what she's interested in.