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university of applied sciences, htw berlin
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Collection – Iterations Editorial

With her second collection FUENF’s designer Ekaterina Zdanowicz-Musina stays true to her fascination with futurism. Titled Iterations, the collection evolves around ideas of the future, as fleshed out by sci-fi writers and digital artists. Starting from the motif of the grid, the designer mixes primary colours, asian-inspired patterns and fractal-like elements to create an assemblage of clothes, both practical and refreshingly conceptual.

The concept, effectively translated into the clothes, is the one Ekaterina already turned to in the first collection – urban reality as dystopia. This time the designer furthers it, finding a shimmer of hope in the cyberpunk dystopian motives, giving them a romantic touch. The Cyberpunk prefers to see the society of the future digitalised, yet multicultural and open – hence, the cuts, inspired by fashions of the global East.

FUENF’s collection proclaims the digital to be the new normal, without fearmongering, it encourages to embrace diversity. This manifests itself in the clever choice of fabrics – pure cotton is combined with technical materials, highlighting the possibility of co-existence between the traditional and the modern. The idea of synthesis found its way into this collection’s designs, too – the oversized, mostly unisex clothes feature recurring geometric elements, giving these relaxed-fit styles a dose of edge. With its billowy sleeves, grid-like patterns and intricate cuts Iterations collection presents a strong vision of contemporary streetwear – sophisticated and comfortable, genderless and elegant.
Fuenf is a young and dynamic Berlin-based brand, founded in 2016, that oscillates between streetstyle and nonchalant elegance, bringing digital culture and fashion together. The first collection by Fuenf explores fractals, natural forms, each part of which repeats the whole. Being essentially natural forms, fractals have nevertheless been mesmerising graphic designers and digital artists with their hypnotic shapes and perfect proportions. For Ekaterina Zdanowicz-Musina, founder and designer of Fuenf, fractals have, however, come to symbolise the dystopia of nowadays when the digital is continuously turning into our primary natural environment. The first collection of the brand is thus, dedicated to the clash between technologies and nature, the new and the old, the future and the past. Borrowing the motives of the goth subculture, Ekaterina tries to imagine the style of tomorrow – smart, edgy and understated.