Emelie Janson

University / School:
The Swedish School of Textiles - University of Borås
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Collection – ...believing in fusion of worlds to make another one.

A fusion of wear from 19th century America and Russian streetwear.
This work explores the opportunities of working with multiplicity in fashion. This provides the freedom of combining inspiration from different times, places and cultures. At the same time, it is important that the viewer understands the fusion and that the work shows relevance to the current time in fashion. The selected parts in this fusion are costumes from 19th century America and garments from Russian streetwear.
The focus of this work is a fusion of these two worlds with the aim to find a new way of dressing. By finding methods that explore the complexity of Worldmaking, it led to a better understanding of the importance of finding the balance between multiplicity and reduction. The materials from these two worlds are based on items from websites relating to the origin worlds. These items are then developed with inspiration from both pleasure and insight.
This collection started with two worlds that resulted in a lineup of six looks. These looks have come to represent
“another world”, but still contain fragments that can be derived from its origins.
I believe that the fusion of different times, places and cultures take us further. I found my self interested in things from the past, the age generates a layer of mystery and it also has something fragile and luxurious over it. Old, well-made garments in rich material and with beautiful detail-work get me inspired. But another interest I have is utility, and comfortableness. A combination of these two worlds is recurrent in my design.