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Collection – LECCIÓN nº8

“Lección Nº8” is a fall/winter women’s collection for 2017-2018. It is made up of 6 looks inspired in the figure of my grandmother. The main topics are tailoring and orthopaedics. In each one of these looks we can clearly appreciate the fusion between these two.
The collection is based on classical tailoring fabrics such as cold wools and poplins and techniques such as basting mixed with muslin, hydrophilic bandages and manipulated orthopaedic corsetry.
The shapes are classical but at the same time very deconstructed and they fusion with fitted silhouettes thanks to integrated orthopaedics.
Many of the pieces are handled with the technique of basting used in tailoring. The orthopaedic corsets are handled and embroidered with poems, phrases and words with a meaning towards my grandmother.
Another aspect that stands out in this collection is that there are parts of the garments that are recycled from old pieces; for example, a blazer takes the pockets and the lapels of other old clothes.
In other pieces there is a brush-stroke pattern inspired by Mark Rothko.
To complement the collection, I made some abstract earrings of the silhouette of my grandmother's hair and the painting "White Center (Yellow, Pink and Lavender on Rose)" by Mark Rothko. The shoes are boots made in point, simulating the socks. They are manipulated with the basting technique.
Finally, I created bags that are inspired in one of my granma’s bag, manipulated with fabrics that give movement to the accessory.
The collection title is taken from the pattern notes of my grandma, in which she never wrote anything, just "Lección Nº8" which means “lesson number 8”. I decided to put this name since it sounded modern and contemporary, relating to my thesis final collection.

Fashion Films

Elne is a fashion brand created by Elna Solans Planas. Born in Andorra, a Little country between the valleys of the Pyrenees, went to Barcelona to study fashion design in IED. She started her work in June 2017 but did internships in a local company in the neighbourhood of Gràcia and also worked in the world of INDITEX and H&M. Conceptual mixed with the very classic and nostalgic silhouettes is the key to her world. Her inspiration comes from Vivienne Westwood, Martin Margiela to Proenza Schouler and Celine; she loves mixing cultures, styles, history, colours, and fashion. Everything is based on emotional things about her life, everything that made who she is; love, family, society etc. Her biggest inspiration is art and her Granma. Feminine attitude but masculine style. Addicted to wools and cotton, the mix of fabrics is one of the keys in the collection, experiment with every kind of garments, manipulate and rescue thing from the past is also what describes her work. Loves illustration, she expresses herself in the draws; she has de ability to summarize a whole collection through the papers. That happens also with photography, the art direction and styling is also a highlight about her. Thinking about the location, the decoration, making still life that matches the collection etc. She is passionate about everything that involves fashion, loves working in a team and knowing new things about the world that she is into. Elna’s work seeks to create feelings of transcendence, escape, and surrealism. To her fashion is more then just clothes, for her is art she can create.