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The collection was a research true femininity, how It felt in the past, between Italy and Russia the female farmers living in fear and flowers for their beloved, taking care of the city and themselves, even true all of the struggle they were beautiful and they were Women. Hope for a love to come back, to stay, or to be found was what were keeping them alive, throw todays girl in this delicate perception by feeling all of that true the garments. Long silhouettes for a strong statuesque look mixed with loose ones to not forget about the comfort that a person confidence needs. Lace and delicate embroideries as well as underwear is clear call for femininity.
Photos by Sylwia Bachiorini In the burned pinewood of Castiglione Della Pescaia
Florence based fashion design student at Polimoda, I was born in Moscow, and moved to Italy at five years old to a small town on the sea side. As the city was small I always loved to take inspiration form everything to make it more interesting on my eyes. So I grow my interests to photography and accuracy to the details, and at the moment I had to decide what to do with my life a choose fashion because It's the way you can tell your feelings and make them feel to anybody who is wearing your clothes. I love how you discover deeper about whatever you feel to research about and mix it with your daily emotions, and how you can be explicit about yourself without being so direct. Touching materials and manipulating them always in a different way. Mixing completely opposite topics in order to create something fresh and unique.