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Collection – Suspension & Sensation

In nearly all Bliss Lau designs, you'll find the City of New York serving as either a bold point of inspiration or a steady drumbeat thrumming just below the surface. In this current homage, rather than taking inspiration from the city's iconic buildings, Bliss Lau has considered how we move through and around those structures. The systematic grid, the rhythm of the streets and the constant motion of the people have inspired a collection of work that is both subtly controlled and wildly kinetic.

Fashion Films

Bliss Lau's visionary approach to jewelry design is intrinsically rooted in the concept of jewelry as a physical experience — inspired by sensuality and structure. Throughout the evolution of her work, Bliss has elegantly juxtaposed dichotomous relationships — bold and delicate, bound and free, organic and linear— and embraced the interplay between them to create both fluid and kinetic forms. Raised in Honolulu, Hawaii and educated at Parsons, Bliss Lau is based in New York City where she frequently draws inspiration from such diverse sources as the bold writing of Anaïs Nin, the mathematically precise art of M.C. Escher and the elegant architecture of the Chrysler Building and Brooklyn Bridge. Dedicated to supporting the next generation of designers, Bliss teaches workshops throughout the world, including Centering Your Brand, a first-of-its-kind workshop intensive at Parsons School of Design, created with co-teacher and brand strategist Jasmine Takanikos.