Ramat Gan
Ramat Gan
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Bezalel Academy For Arts & Design
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Collection – ROCK

Inspired by the polygonal morphology of the black basalt rock in Island, BAZELET’s "ROCK"collection is a capsule of man essence in its best. The "ROCK' collection has black matte coating, It is robust and masculine, profound and sharpened by innovative technologies, that are used in the military industry and manufactured with the same technologies and materials that are used to produce weapons.The "ROCK" collection is full of elegance and aesthetic high-end designs. Each design is being named after one of the Nordic gods.

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BAZELET is an innovative jewelry brand for men. BAZELET’s brand story is inspired by the rough nature of Iceland, and its black basalt rocks, which corresponding with the basic element of men nature, of adorning and preparing for battle. In the existence of urban life nowadays, men approaches to life as the protector-man, which is loaded deep inside of him with the ancient manwarrior. This basic memory is still marked in manhood essence and expressed in BAZELET’s launch collection. BAZELET’s launce collection “Rock”, is a capsule of man essence at its best. It is black -matte, robust and masculine, profound with elegance and aesthetic high-end designs, that are inspired by the polygonal morphology of the black basalt rock. The rings have black matte coating and are being made of military grade metal and by innovative technologies that are being used in the military industry. Each design is being named after one of the Nordic gods. BAZELET is the collaborated creation of Guy Tevel, an independent industrial designer and artist, and his partner in life, Keren Eherenreich, a marketing and business manager. The brand expresses the symbiotic personal and professional merge between them. The Designer - Guy Tevel, B.des, Industrial Design from HIT, and M.des, Design and Innovation Management, from Bezalel academy of Arts and Design. In his professional experience of over a decade, Tevel designed military products for global companies. Hence the idea of creating a masculine, powerful and elegant jewelry collection for men.