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Collection – PURELY

As I remember, as a child, people like to call girls who act like a boy as cowgirls or introverted boys as sissy. Now, I am told that boys can also like pink while it is not necessary for girls to like Barbie dolls. Gender is no longer defined by only Male and Female. The sexual interpretation of clothing keeps changing through the ages, which is the epitome of an era. Then how is the one for our age?

Gender fluidity, Transgender…These words are abstruse. However, we found that they are just one of the numbers of labels for human beings, and the essence is actually the same: We share the wish to pursue happiness, dreams, be loved and to love. As such, we attempt to present the pure nature and beauty of simplicity, without too much decoration, through simple lines coupled with the strong yet soft texture of cotton and linen.

Fashion Films

Tow.W, Liz,C and Eva.W graduated from CPTTM Fashion Design and Manufacturing Diploma Programme, and set up Anonymous Fashion Studio Ltd and brand “ANONYMOUS” in 2013. Label is rebranded as "AXOXYXOXS" in 2015. Designs were exhibited at Macau Fashion Gallery and Macau Emerging Fashion Exhibition. In 2014, ANONYMOUS was eligible for Subsidy Programme for Fashion Design on Sample Making launched by The Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macao S.A.R. to launch fashion collection.