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Royal College of Art - London
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Collection – 2017/18 SLAYING

AMMOMENT creates pansexual accessories for confident people who love art and style. Each design is a bold statement for anyone who is looking for a masterpiece, such as the “Zane Backpack”. Inspired from architectural structure, the backpack’s iconic lid uses only the best part of the exotic leather for the most magnificent look. As you can see from the Cracked Series in black Nile Crocodile, the gold paint at the rim of each crocodile scale is stained and shaded by hands only for the most exquisitely striking color. This special technique requires enormous time and skills from craftsmen, whose designs are simple yet elegant and sensual at the same time.

Fashion Films

Dressing to kill sharply as an ‘AMMO’ in the right ‘MOMENT’ of time, AMMOMENT practices a hands-on design philosophy from using the best exotic material to developing the best dyeing and tanning techniques. All exotic materials selected are ranked as high class as leading luxury brands. Working alongside with high-end international tanneries from Italy who develop exclusive techniques only for AMMOMENT, each design has its unique color and exotic texture that you cannot find anywhere else as well as an inspiring story behind each piece of work.