Alessandro Trincone

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polimoda international institute of fashion design & marketing
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Collection – Aroundmi

Around me,
Everything around me, everything around us, The World, The People.
It took me an accurate research on the topic of gender combined with a strong rejection of sexual discrimination to bring the concept of “genderless” to life. Unlike that of gender, it means no boundaries and restrictions and simply em- braces Freedom.
The collection displays a condemnation of our society imprisoned in conforma- tion and globalization and praises the artistic diversity.
Through a creative handling of garments, an original interpretation of plackets and sartorial shapes and a clear breach of the standard parameteres.
Aroundmi reveals all its refined haute-couture approach.


Ph. Studio Paura - Ilaria Datri
Model Simone de Meo
MUA Alessandraricciomua
Graduate on December 2012 in Rome, Italy, at the "Universita' La Sapienza di Roma" in Science of Fashion and costume. On June 2015 in Florence, Italy, at "POLIMODA International Institute of Fashion Design & Marketing" in Fashion Design. On February 2016 in Osaka, Japan. Scholarship at "Osaka Bunka Fashion College" Design. In this collection I played with a lot of bows because for me it rappresent like an union. When you do the knot it’s like you are connecting something, and for me this “something”is me and my father. That theme maybe looks like a stupid thing, a stupid concept. But I really don’t mind. For me it has been a way to pass over this delicate period of my life.