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Grey Sheep


como / italy


degree in industrial design - politecnico di milano

Graduation year


959 is a eco-design line, composed of pieces created by recycling unused cars seatbelts. A creative, versatile and innovative idea, carried out by the designer Paolo Ferrari, who took the inspiration for the brand from 1959, the year when Volvo launched the first seatbelt on the market.

This link emphasizes both the importance of the used materials and the values involved in the project like the respect and care towards the people and the surrounding environment.

Each piece of the collection 959, completely made in Italy, is the result of the reutilization and reuse of the seatbelts, which after being washed, sanitized and divided according to their different textures, have been hand-cut, assembled and sewn in workshops.

959 furthered the eco style research proposing in the AI collection the recycled wool produced by Linea Ross, one of the members of the consortium Carded CO2, interesting project of the Chamber of Commerce of Prato which includes several manufacturers of wool that through the recovery of waste, they realize new wool fabrics.

Also for the PE collection the project 959 is enhanced by the introduction of Jacroki®. Jacroki® is an exclusive patented material by Okinawa srl that can be used as an alternative to the usual products in a huge range of sectors and uses. It is mainly made of natural and paper fibers, so it is environmentally friendly.

A unique series of items characterized by a distinctive, simple, timeless and for all seasons style, represented by iconic accessories like weekend bags, laptop cases and shopping bags, unisex designed and by house furnishings like containers, pouffes, table accessories, the dormouse sofa, a comfortable home furnishings, composed of assembled elements according to your taste and personal habitat.

959 is a concept, style and project which links design, functionality and aesthetic beauty through a creative philosophy in line with the contemporary taste and the most up-to-date matters of our modern living.

Latest Collection

Latest Collection