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Theodora D’s creations are inspired by motion and translated into emotion. Emotions, the human touch, personalities, life paths and origins, all share an element of uniqueness. The precise trait of every piece of jewelry Theodora creates: handmade, one of kind, unique pieces of art jewelry, are crafted to be experienced by women, who value their feminine side and respect their inner strength.
Nature the archetypal feminine, lends her forms, volume, shapes and contrasting elements into her work, granting a certain aura to each piece of jewelry, making its impact subtle yet irresistible. Although a scholar of fashion, her purpose is to create pieces of jewelry that surpass the transcience of trends. She aims at creating jewelry that pass from generation to generation like precious batons, because of their elegance, balance and authenticity.
Based and influenced by the city of Athens, Greece, Theodora has been active in the fashion industry for 6 years both as a fashion stylist and as a jewelry designer. She has studied in Greece and Italy and attended several seminars of painting, sculpting and jewelry design & fabrication. She has collaborated with noted fashion magazines in both Greece and Italy and had several collaborations with Greek fashion designers and has participated twice in the Matrix World Tour Shows. Over the last years, her career has focused on the creation of contemporary jewelry, art objects and costume design for movies and theater.

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