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Sabato Russo was born and raised in the town of Foggia in the south of italy, Puglia region.
After the high school diploma he left his home town to continue his education and moved to Florence and Milan to attend the faculty of architecture.
It was in Milan that met several fashion designer and started his carrier as a model.
He walked the runways of the capitals of the fashion, Paris, Milan, New York and Tokyo.
Japan was fascinating, it's history, culture and sensibility captured him completely realizing that fashion was is passion and started a collaboration as an assistant designer with Jssey Miyake. All was clear, fashion designing was is passion and with his new formed family he moved to New York where he began very prestigious collaboration with local and international companies (Barneys, kashiyama, G.Ferre, Fendi etc.)
Today he lives between Milan and Puglia concentrating in his new project "Sartorial Monk".