Olena Dats'

Black Sheep


lviv / ukraine


lviv academy of arts

Graduation year


Main Manufacturing Countries


Ukrainian Brand
already well presented all over the world
and developing at an exponential rate
sharing combination of deep Ukrainian traditions
with a reflection of modern life.

Guardian Angels ...
Ethnic symbols – that are not on the surface,
but in the sacred heart of the creation.
This is a something real, viable, the source
of energy and strength ...
Sails ...
Sail full of wind ...
Rapid gentleness that carries forward,
but at the same time is light and easy.
Wind – changes, movement, development,
mood, fashion.
Depiction of the world around ...
Perception, association.
Sea, the waves that bring good changes.
Nature – the eternal and perhaps the most fragile
and thus the most valuable.
Transparency, weightlessness, ephemeral,
tenderness, but at the same time something real and materialistic.
Exceptional, extraordinary,
but a harmonious part of the society.
Arts-object in your life ...
Brand’s history, awards and recognitions
Created in 2008
2008 -2017 --Ukrainian Fashion Week , Kyiv
2008-2013 – Le Showroom during Paris Fashion Week
2007-2016 – Holiday Fashion Weeks
in Dubai, Greece, Georgia, Odessa, Jordan, Ibiza.
2013 – Salon Luxury Vendome at Le Maurice during Paris Fashion Week
2010 – Fashion presentation in the NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium
2009-2014 – participant of the biggest trade show in Paris “Who's Next “
2012 -2016 participant of a Glamorous showroom in Beverly Hills
"Fashion Forwards"
2012 and 2013 participant of the showroom during Cannes Films Festival
Since 2014 – MF Showroom during Paris Fashion Week
2015 USA Charity Fashion Marathon
(Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Washington)
2016 – Olena Dats’s dress was selected as a Ukrainian modern art object
for the ’’Ukrainian Windows’’ exposition in the Ukrainian Institute
of USA in New York.
2017 -2020 - Lviv Fahion Week
2016 - monobrand shop Olena Dats’ Gallery in Lviv , Ukraine

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