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uniritter - laureatte

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Också, established in Barcelona - Spain, has crossed parallels and meridians, which divide the world into imaginary lines, to settle, to seek inspiration and explore their own aspirations. The designer in front of the label, Igor Bastos Crivellaro, named after a word of Swedish origin, meaning "sum", the ideal meaning for the label that seeks to integrate constantly to artistic movements that surrounds.

Proposes atemporal and unisex aesthetic of complex and sophisticated silhouette. Uses technological and unusual raw materials, combining comfort practicality, utilitarianism and functionality. Också seeks to develop and consolidate lifestyle for multifaceted individuals, free from prejudgments of gender. Seeking to instigate potential of fullness, the ability to be the person you want to be, choosing how you relate; you see; and experience.

The label officially started in 2013, showcasing at Fashion Rio, after receiving the 19th Prêmio Rio Moda Hype, but already had been idealized for a while by its creators. Have also presented its collections during fashion weeks in Antwerp, Berlin, New York, Vancouver and Fortaleza, and today present their collections at Casa de Criadores in São Paulo and Paris Fashion Week.


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