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Modatex - Vocational Training center (Fashion and Textile Industry) Oporto

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Marita Setas Ferro is the creative designer of the brand and has worked for several years as a consultant and teaching/mentoring fashion designers, crafters and creatives, but at the same time always developing its own author pieces and sculptures. As an opportunity to gather her knowledge in design, craft and art, as well as in fashion, she created the brand Marita Moreno with her unique and ethical perspective – use only Portuguese products, factories and handmade crafts to create her designs – shoes and bags. In this way,
Marita Moreno is a Portuguese label of fashion accessories that use local raw materials and national craftsmanship with contemporary design.
All produced objects are numbered and belong to a limited series of a maximum of 100 pieces. They are produced in a unique and ethical perspective way - use only Portuguese factories and handmade crafts to create its designs - with local natural materials: wool, linen, cotton, silk, cork, leather; using texture and color as fundamental elements in a simple, geometric design.
The brand also believes in the power of customization through different color combinations, materials and models, where the client has the power to develop their own products, making it unique and exclusive.
All the products are Portuguese, as well its quality production is "Made in Portugal”

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