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amd academy of fashion & design Berlin

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JULIA PHILOMENA LEIFERT founded the Berlin high fashion brand "JULIA LEIFERT" in 2016 and has since been one of the leading pioneers for holistic sustainability in the German luxury fashion sector. At the interface between ethics and aesthetics, the award winning award winning brand offers a season less high-quality "capsule wardrobe" inspired by and for strong and independetn women from arround the world. JULIA LEIFERT is the embodiment of female self-confidence of a strong woman. Each design bears the personal handwriting of the designer, who combines classical silhouettes of menswear with female cutting, creating timeless yet contemporary easy-to-wear fashion that blends modernity and minimalism. Each item is carefully and locally handcrafted within a radius of 150 km around Berlin. Ethically sourced organic materials, mainly from Europe and traditional craftsmanship are the core of a high-quality product, which is designed to last.


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