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Born and raised in southern Germany, passionate vegetarian and animal lover, the designer Julia Leifert dealt with the topics of sustainability and environmental awareness early on. Her first steps as a designer began when she designed and made her own clothes as a teenager.

After graduating from high school, she went to Lake Constance to study law, but never lost sight of her passion for fashion and art. After graduation, she moved to New York City and Berlin, where she studied fashion and design management.
Even before the tragic collapse of the Rana Plaza building that would shake the world in 2013, she knew that she wanted to change working conditions in the fashion industry and that for her, women's empowerment, equality and holistic environmental awareness were inextricably linked to fashion.
connected with fashion. So in 2014, while studying, she founded the "project" JULIA LEIFERT.

The demand for a holistic sustainable alternative to conventional fashion, as well as the attention of magazines such as Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and L'officiel was not long in coming, so that the project grew into a company that in recent years has increasingly won awards, shows designs at international fashion shows and distributes worldwide.

Today, Julia Leifert stands for award-winning fashion design, handmade pieces that focus on localism and social requirements, transparency and comprehensive ecological aspects as part of fashion. THE MISSION of Julia Leifert is to empower women through and in fashion and to inspire and raise awareness that fair and regional production, animal welfare, the preservation and careful use of our resources and traditional craftsmanship are not only possible but a fundamental part of fashion and that the concept of luxury needs to and can be to redefined. In times of uncertainty, exploitation and environmental destruction, it is more important than ever to take responsibility and raise the voice and power of women for more EQUALITY.

The season-less high-quality "staples wardrobe"allows the wearer to be who she wants to be and to focus on her goals. Julia Leifert wants to give women STRENGTH and confidence to become INDEPENDENT and heard. Each design bears the personal handwriting of the designer, who combines classical silhouettes of menswear with female cutting, creating timeless yet contemporary easy-to-wear fashion that blends modernity and minimalism. Each item is carefully and locally handcrafted within a radius of 150 km around Berlin. Ethically sourced organic materials, mainly from Europe and traditional craftsmanship are the core of a high-quality product, which is designed to last.


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