Inés Bonadeo Nueva Joyería

Grey Sheep


buenos aires / argentina

While I studied Social Communication in order to become a journalist, I started attending jewelry classes as a hobby. This extracurricular activity turned into a priority as sson as I started creating 3D objects. I made special workshops on Mokumé Gané, Acid etching and Marriage of metals with silversmith Oscar Bocassi and Paper Jewelry with designer Luis Acosta. I worked for 6 years with Argentinean Pop artist Marta Minujín as her personal assistant and as an apprentice with Oscar Bocassi for 2 years before I set my own studio and contemporary jewelry brand.
I use sterling silver, gold, copper, bronze and nickel silver combined with wood, semi-precious stones, and rare natural pieces. The main premise is: true craftsmanship and care for details. The way I work: exploration of different techniques and combination of materials. I believe in learning from each method, increasing skills and innovating. Inspiration may come from nature, geometry, a visit to a museum or to a hardware store. My jewelry results in unique objects that embellish those who dare use them.

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