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Daniela Komatović is a Czech graphic designer, a painter, a photographer, and above all, a designer of jewelry. She was born in Prague, where she studied graphic design.
In January 2015 she launched her own original line of unique jewelry, which in a short period of time has become a recognizable and successful brand. Luxurious, extravagant jewelry made only of gold with precious stones, diamonds, freshwater and Tahitian pearls attracts the attention of even the most demanding lovers of design. In addition to the world-famous actor and director Steven Seagal, Daniela’s unique jewelry is also adorning famous personalities from public life and diplomatic circles.

Clear-cut beauty, minimalism, geometry, elegance, luxury, perfect asymmetrical composition, the play of colors and shades of precious stones with various tints of gold and, above all, the designer’s favorite black rhodium with which she upholsters the gold – this is a basic description of the jewelry that Daniela has created for the most demanding lovers of luxury design. She has got the Gold Award in the International competition A'Design Award & Compatition 2017 for the ring "Amulet Eye" from collection Eye To The Soul.

Daniela currently lives and creates in Prague and Belgrade, where she also does charity work. People, especially children with hard destiny, are the leading subject matter of her paintings, which compels us to think about the issue.

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